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November 1, 2012
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[Your POV]

I was sitting on the sofa drinking some red wine. My wonderful black dress matched my dark room.

"Oh, dear wine, how marvelous you are." Looking at the glass with admiration, I took a sip and looked at it again while gently shaking it.

"You're so red, like my prey's blood" I cynically chuckled and added. "You're so tasty, like my victim's neck."

I giggled and took another sip. "I wonder who will be this Halloween."

I closed my eyes for a little and opened them again. My precious red eyes looked around my dark room. I looked throught the window and smiled at the moon. "The moonlight it's so sad tonight."

I kept taking sips of my wine as I admired its colour and its shine. "You should be considered an artefact."

I spent some minutes alone describing the wonderful drink I had on my hands. All my thoughts and memories were interrupted when someone knocked at the door. I looked at the door and dropped the glass on the floor, making it to break.

"Miss Van Hellock?"

"Who dares to bother me? Haven't I told you that no one could come here without my permission?" I cynically looked at the door waiting for an answer.

"I'm sorry Miss Van Hellock." Apologized the voice in a quiet and calm tone.

"Just come in already." I ordered as I waited the door to open. And it did. It was my loyal servant, one of the few persons I ever trusted. "Yes, Victor?"

"Today is Halloween, Miss Van Hellock. I thought by now you would be out to your hunt." Victor said as he gave me a nice smile.

"I don't feel like going now. I still have time. Night is long and I can wait."

He smiled again and said with his always serene voice. "Yes, Miss Van Hellock. The night has just began."

I smiled too. Victor knows me so well that he can never make me get mad. His words can somehow control my anger. Maybe because we're already used to each other.

"But make sure you don't forget to drink a human's blood, Miss. It's really necessary in this time of the year." He peacefuly said.

"I won't, Victor. You don't have to worry."

"Alright, Miss Van Hellock." He bowed before walking out and closing the door.

I laid on the sofa again and looked at my hand. I slowly smiled and kept looking at it. "31st October; kid's favourite day. Asking candies to stranges disgused of creatures like me." I giggled and looked at the moon. "If they knew how hard is to be a vampire. Lucky them I can't feed of kid's blood."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Admirable Moon Marked the Start of my Hunt~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was now walking around, searching for someone to bite, someone whose blood is worth the wait. Well, maybe also someone who can stay by my side, I'm single for too long already.

"I could bite my friends. I don't want to end up with a stranger." I thought as I walked around the city wondering if I should or not bite them. "But the only people I know and like are my friends, wouldn't it be considered rude if I bite them?"

I looked at the happy couples and kids trick and treating around. I asked myself if I should just bite Victor and screw the rest. But I can't, it'd be too strange.

Making a decision like this is just so hard! I wish I thought at this before this day. The only person that I wouldn't mind a bite is Gilbert. He's not bad actually.

"Maybe. . .just maybe. I'll ponder this decision." I quickly looked around to see how the atmosphere was. Well, it was the same. Kids and couples and adults and everything you see in Halloween. Including garlic.

I shivered and walked away, the smell of garlic around this street was just too strong right now. "Man, that was a disgusting smell!" I as I walked to Gilbert's house.

When I arrived, I flew next to his window and knocked at it. He was watching TV in his bedroom so he didn't hear anything. I stared a little and knocked again. He had the same reaction, I hope he's not joking around.

I tried a few more times until I punched the glass and he finally turned at the window. I was over there staring at him seriously. He finally stood up and opened it.

"Were you there for long?" He asked as he laughed a little.

"Gilbert" I said "I was! here for long! Didn't you hear the knocks?!"

"What? No, I just heard when you punched the window."

I rolled my eyes and sighed. "Can I go in, at least?"

"Yeah, sure." He said and I flew inside. I will really bite him, but, how will I tell him him this? Should I be direct or not? I never told this to anyone, but I actually like Gilbert. He's a nice guy, in my opinion.

"Hey, _____. Why are you so quiet? You're never like this." He said while looking at me.

"Is there something wrong with that? I'm just fine, okay?"

"Is it because you didn't bite anyone this Halloween?"

I looked at him and sigh.

"So, did you?"

I stood up and walked next to him. We stood quiet watching TV. He sometimes looked at me and I looked at him, but I gained courage and bit him.

Bites are not pleasant at the beginning, so I felt a little uncomfortable when I heard him goraning. But I had to go on and so I do. My crimson eyes seemed to enjoy all the blood they were getting. As I'm getting what I wanted, but in this way, I don't know if I should be sad or happy. Probably sad?

When I took a considerable amount of blood, I pulled my fangs out of his neck and looked at his pale skin. I stood there shocked as I saw that the bite didn't affect him as much as I thought it would. I just. . .how did he??

"I. . . Gilbert, are you okay?" I looked at him quite surprised.

He had is hand on his neck to relieve the pain, but he was still goraning a little. "Well, I'm alive. Kinda?"

"Just explain yourself!" I yelled. I want to make sure he's fine.

"Fine, Fine. Ouch. Uh, you're just so confused that you can't realize it by yourself. You just turned me into a vampire, too. But it fuckin' hurts, you know! It's not awesome!"

"Jeez, I'm sorry. I thought you said you wanted to get bitten." I sighed and took a look at his neck.

"You could have asked me! But I'll be fine, right?" He asked somehow worried.

"Of course you'll be. You survived until now so you won't have much problems"

"Good." He kept rubbing his hand against his neck. He was still groaning so I just rolled my eyes and sighed.

"Go and put some water on that. It's a little uncomfortable to hear you groaning like that, it makes me feel guilty, okay? We can talk when you come back." So he stood up and left to the bathroom. I looked around his room and waited for him to come back.

"I just hope he will be fine." After a little, he opened the door and came in.

"We can talk now." He sat next to me and looked seriously into my eyes.

I stared into his eyes as well but. . . but heck! This is getting strange. ". . . Yeah?"

"Your lips have some blood, and your fangs too." He said while moving his eyes to my lips.

"Oh, that's why were you staring. If it bothers you that much I can clean it."

He grinned and said: "Neah, I'll do that for you."

I just looked at him and sometimes to the sides, but I ended up fixing my look on him. "Excuse me?"

Too late, he was already close enough and licking the blood from my lips. Well, it's not like I really minded so I didn't do anything to stop him. After the blood on the lips was gone, he licked my fangs too. And again, I didn't mind or bother to stop him.

"Ah, such a tasty blood." He said as he pulled himself away from me. "I never knew I could be so delicious."

I couldn't help myself, I had to laugh a little. "Even thought that I am the one who has your blood now!" I kept laughing more until I simply stopped and looked at him.

"Also," He said as he smirked a little. "Isn't it true that you were quite pleased by my awesome tongue?" He said with his usual big, awesome, grin.

I couldn't stand this anymore. Screw my opinions, this is the right time to confess. "Why yes, I was." I smiled as when I was admiring my wine. "And you know, that's all due to your awesomeness! After all, because of it I've fallen for you, weak human! Well, I mean, I've fallen for you, my friend."

He laughed for a little while and said: "Boyfriend from now on."

I looked into his eyes and then at his body. "Man, you should be an artefact."

He pulled me closer into a hug. "You should too, Miss Van Hellock."

And thus, we both stared into each other's red eyes to be pulled into the best and most passionate kiss of our lives.
EDIT2: FRONT PAGE?? :iconeyezoomfojlplz:

I sincerely guess I don't deserve this. But well, if it happened, it happened.


I. . . :iconmother-of-godplz: No. I wasn't expecting this.

I just. . . let me recover from the massive shock I had. . . . Okay. I'm done.

Just, I don't really know how this is possible. Well. . . I hope. . .you enjoyed the story?

Thanks everyone for the favs!!


:icondatassplz: DAT IMAGE!

I'll start to credit it. You can find the image here [link] [Zerochan] and his/her Pixiv ID [link]


Happy Halloween! I brought you a gift, a one shot. Now give me treats D<

I hope you like this and I'm sorry for making you so. . . Lol, Idk? Vain? Not vain, just a little bit. . . arrogant? Nope. Or maybe yes.

Yup, you're a vampire that loves wine. And Gilbert. And Victor, in a firendly way. The rest of the world can screw themselves. Okay, not everyone.

I'm sorry that I made this so long!

But, I'm not used to write one shots.

So here, stand this!


About spelling. I know you probably spell "favorite" and "color" and "artifact".

But I prefer to spell it the way it's written in the story, It's more. . .classy? Idk, I simply like it

Comment maybe?
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